OnePacket is a diverse organisation so there are no set personality profiles for being a OnePacket person. However, OnePacket is a fast-moving environment so we do tend to recruit people who like to be given responsibility, who like to be given scope to try new ideas, and who can cope with being thrown in at the deep end.

Each area of OnePacket has some broad principles:

 We know what kind of people we want and we work hard to recruit the best
 We train them properly
 We allow them freedom to be themselves
 We trust them to make the right decisions, and the odd mistake is tolerated
 We believe in karma - we're loyal to them and they're loyal to us

So, who's a OnePacket Person??

"OnePacket people are easy to spot. They act in unusual ways as it's the only way they know how. But it's not forced - it's natural. They are honest, cheeky, questioning, amusing, disruptive, intelligent and restless... OnePacket people are smart".

There are certain attributes that we look for future employees to posses.
A OnePacket person would typically:

 Have a passion for new ideas
 Think 'differently'
 Have signs of creativity
 Can smell new business opportunities
 Always listens to customers


If you think your contribution will add value to our success,
please sent your resume and salary requirements to [email protected]