Service Locations



OnePacket is expanding it's global network continuously and is adding additional Service Locations all the time. If your desired location is not listed below please contact our sales team to find out how soon we can service your location.

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» North America


Equinix, 44470 Chilum Place, Building 1

Equinix, 21701 Filigree Court, Building D (via XC)

Equinix, 21711 Filigree Court, Building C (via XC)

Equinix, 21715 Filigree Court, Building F (via XC)

Equinix, 21691 Filigree Court, Building E (via XC)


Switch and Data / PAIX, 56 Marietta Street


Equinix, 350 E. Cermak Road


Switch and Data, 2323 Bryant Street

TelX, 2323 Bryant Street (via XC)

Los Angeles

Equinix, 600 W. 7th Street

Telehouse, 600 W. 7th Street (via XC)

TelX, 600 W. 7th Street (via XC)

Carrier Central, 600 W. 7th Street (via XC)

Switch and Data / PAIX, 624 S. Grand Avenue

CoreSite, 624 S. Grand Avenue (via XC)


Terremark, 50 NE 9th Street

New York

Switch and Data / PAIX, 111 8th Avenue

FiberNet, 111 8th Avenue (via XC)

TelX, 111 8th Avenue (via XC)

TelX, 60 Hudson Street

Switch and Data, 60 Hudson Street (via XC)

FiberNet, 60 Hudson Street (via XC)


TelX, 120 E. Van Buren Street

San Jose

Equinix, 11 Great Oaks Boulevard

Palo Alto

Switch and Data / PAIX, 529 Bryant Street

Toronto (Canada)

Switch and Data, 151 Front Street

Telehouse, 151 Front Street (via XC)

» Asia

Hong Kong

Mega-iAdvantage, 399 Chai Wan Road (Q2 2012)


Equinix, 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent (Q2 2012)

» Europe


NIKHEF, Kruislaan 409 / Science Park 105, Amsterdam

SARA, Kruislaan 415 / Science Park 121, Amsterdam

euNetworks, Paul van Vlissingenstraat 16, Amsterdam


Interxion, Sagereistrasse 29

United Kingdom

Telehouse East, 14 Coriander Avenue, London