OnePacket's IP transit service is designed for enterprise applications requiring the highest level of performance and availability.

OnePacket's international backbone network has been designed from the ground up, combining best-of-breed technologies, partners, long-haul routes and transit providers to create the best possible bandwidth solutions. This solution is uniquely suited for advanced services requiring the best service metrics available.

OnePacket has built its network services platform to be the best currently available, and will continue to make architectural improvements and refinements. Because of our wholesale contracts and bulk purchasing agreements with Internet carriers, OnePacket's prices are extremely competitive. OnePacket offers flexible service level types and contract options, including burstable, tiered, and fixed-rate connectivity.

In addition to the IP-Transit service OnePacket can also deliver our IP-Peering service, receive all of our peering routes from all networks connected to our international backbone at the major internet exchanges.

Key Features:

 Fully-redundant architecture and backbone
 Fully line-rate 10 Gigabit/OC-192 backbone
 Network designed for both IPv4 and IPv6
 Automatic detection and re-routing around network failures
 Selective peering policy optimized for local data delivery
 Carrier fault-tolerance
 Non-oversubscribed bandwidth
 Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring and analysis
 Service levels from Fast Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet
 Experienced team of IP engineers at your service 24/7

OnePacket can deliver this service almost everywhere in the world, to get an impression view our service locations. If your location is not listed here we will still be able to service you, contact us today for more information!